• Justine Alodia Casuncad

Why You Need To Switch To Coir Fiber Coconut Pots

If you're into gardening and is tired of buying bulky clay pots that just end up in pieces because your kid or pet accidentally broke them, then you can consider coconut coir fiber pots. In fact, this may even revolutionize your whole gardening routine!

Here are some of the benefits of switching into coconut coir fiber pots:


Since the pot itself is made with a biodegradable product, it's packed with zinc, magnesium, iron, and copper that are all helpful nutrients for plants.


An all-organic pot like coconut coir pots lets you bury directly to the ground. The coir pot naturally breaks down and turns into an organic matter, beneficial to plants.


The malleable exterior of the coir pot allows roots to break through and grow better. The chance of root shock, plus there is more air ventilation with its non-plastic or non-clay material.


Unlike your usual clay pots, the coir fiber can also absorb and "store" the water, providing longer moisturization for the roots and soil. This means that when you water a plan hat is in a coir pot, all the water doesn't just settle in the soil, but also in the pot, keeping it there and slowly pushing it into the roots and soil.

Cocoline can provide you top-quality coir that you can use to make organic pots and more. Contact us now to know our products and services.

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