• Justine Alodia Casuncad

Things You Can Make With Coconut Shells and Husks

While most people would throw away shells and husks as waste products from coconuts, here are some things you can make with them for zero waste and even for better purposes!


  • Fiberboards - Did you know that the board in your bulletin is made from coconut husks? The process includes compressing the shredded coconut husk under high temperatures until it forms a firm and solid base.

  • Rope - Compared to plastic straw ropes, fiber ropes are much sturdier to use for packaging. The process is simple and includes separating the fibers and binding them to form a strong twine.

  • Rugs and Mats - If you want to have quality rugs and mats for your floors, They're thick, unlike commercially-made synthetic rugs.

  • Scrubbers - Coconut husks can be turned into scrubbers or brushes that help keep your bathroom squeaky clean! The hard bristles are effective in taking out dirt in between the tiles and corners.

  • Floor Cleaner - If you can't a floor polisher and you have wooden floors, coconut shells are great in polishing your floors manually.


  • Activated Carbon - Activated carbon is used in filters for your air purifiers. It traps microscopic particles like dust, lint, benzene, and other VOCs.

  • Mosquito Coils and Incense Sticks - When coconut shells are crushed and turned into powder, it's one of the main materials used in coils and incense sticks as coconut wastes are known to make great mosquito repellent.

  • Charcoal - Saving up on your fuel expenses is a goal for anyone, and it's good news that coconut shells that turned into charcoal can be converted into environmental-friendly fuel.

Cocoline can provide you with quality coconut shells and husks that you can use to start your own coconut-based business. Contact us now and let's start your business.

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