• Justine Alodia Casuncad

The Many Benefits of Coconut

Many know coconut as a refreshing beverage during the summer season with its almost milky-tasting juice. But to some who likes to make the most of what they have, coconut is a fruit that serves many purposes that you literally can use every single part of it from meat to shell!

Here are some of the wondrous benefits of coconut.

It's healthy, healthy, healthy!

The coconut fruit is packing it in with many health benefits for everyone. It's rich in protein that helps with blood sugar control, manganese for bone health, and is even proven to prevent heart diseases. You can say that it's a superfood!

A definite add-in to your beauty routine

It's no secret that some people are head over heels for coconut oil. It's good for the body, inside and out! It's especially great for your hair, making it shinier and dandruff-free at the same time. It also makes an excellent makeup remover, especially eye makeup.

It's many purposes as a household item

Look around your house and you can at least find a thing or two that is made from a part of a coconut. Coconut husks are a staple in scrubbing waxed wooden floors to polish them, while coconut fiber makes durable ropes that can be used for many things. Others innovate by using the shells as decorative crafts, or even as pretty pots for their plants.

A money-making item

Since coconut is basically a zero-waste item, one can easily find something from it to earn from. You can sell them to different companies that are big in using coconuts in their items.


Since it has many uses, the by-products of coconut is a better alternative to many things that can be harmful to the environment. Even the process of growing coconuts requires little to no herbicides, and its harvesting process is also done manually which minimizes the use of heavy machinery.

You can never go wrong with establishing a coconut-based business or use them in your already-established enterprise. Do some research and see what can coconuts contribute to your industry.

Cocoline is here to help you by providing you the coconut by-products you'll need.

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