• Kristela Gabuya

Different Uses of Copra

Copra is the dried form of coconut meat. Copra has so many uses that it can make your source of income. Today we will list down the different uses of copra.

Coconut Butter

The copra is cut into chunks and run through the press to shred the copra pieces. Repeating this process turns the shredded into a buttery consistency and that will make it coconut butter that can be an alternative to regular dairy butter. It has moisturizing properties that can be used in making soaps, shampoos, hair masks and body scrubs.

Coconut Oil

Repeating the process of making coconut butter will helps in extracting the oil from the butter. The finished oil is what we called virgin coconut oil that is used for cooking and major ingredients in cosmetics.

Copra Meal

After extracting coconut oil, the leftover residue of the copra or coconut butter is called as the copra meal or copra cake. This desiccated coconut waste is an effective by-product of copra and is used as a nutritious fodder for livestock.

Copra surely had so many uses that you just need to think about how you will turn it into a small business.

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