• Justine Alodia Casuncad

Coconut Waste Products As Fertilizers

As a tree that is proven to provide many uses from its by-products, would you imagine that coconuts also help in the growth of other crops?

Here's what you need to know about coconut waste products as fertilizers.


Coconut husks and coir dust are effective organic fertilizers that promote soil health as well as plant growth. In addition to that, dried palm leaves and branches can be used as mulch at the base of coconut trees.


Coconut husks are usually left out to "ferment" before bringing them into the mixer/crusher machine. It is then put into the granulation machine, before putting the granules out again for drying. The drying process and the cooling process after it help remove excess water content and reinforced its strength. Lastly, the granules are put through a sieve to sift the excess powder.


Compared to other fertilizers available in the market, coconut organic fertilizers are cheaper alternatives. This also reduces the waste products being thrown out, while maximizing their purpose at the same time. Organic fertilizers are rich sources of nutrients and can improve soil quality best used in the production of organic food

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