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Coconut Craft Ideas You Can Try Making

It's already well-established in this blog that whatever coconut waste product you have at hand, you can put it good use. Not only are you making something cool and useful, but you are also helping in minimizing the waste in the environment.

Here are some awesome coconut craft ideas you can try making yourself!


The halves of disposed coconut shells can make beautiful hanging pots for your plants or just hanging decor for your garden. You can even design it by puncturing holes forming patterns and drawing accents all around. Just loop some sturdy jute rope and it's good to go! Some would even put tea candles inside and the end result is a beautiful pattern of lights and shadows thanks to the hole patterns on the shell.


If you're a bit clumsy with your fine china, a chic coconut shell bowl may just be the alternative dinnerware you need! All you need to is sand out a halve of a coconut shell and put lacquer in it to achieve that beautiful smooth gloss. This would be perfect for putting treats or as a centerpiece for your coffee table!


This isn't just a container for your plants, but it is also biodegradable and serves as mulch itself. You can directly bury the pot under the soil and allows the roots to grow freely, minimizing root damage. Not to mention that this is far less expensive than clay pots!


There is certainly no waste even with coconut palm leaves. If you're up for the challenge, you can weave it into a crisscross pattern to form bags, baskets, and satchels. They are quite the fashion item in tropical beaches in Southeast Asia. Other times, people use it as sacks for fruits and vegetables.


You can cut out the coconut shell to different shapes and patterns and use them as pendants for necklaces and other accessories. If you have little seashells lying around the house, you can also add that to the string and form a lovely jewelry piece that would be perfect to pair with your outfits to the beach.

You can make plenty of crafts out of the different parts or by-products of coconut. You can even make a business out of it!

Cocoline can provide you with the coconut products to use for the DIY crafts that you can sell. Contact us now and inquire about what you can get from us!

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